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Bharath the ancient name of India symbolises rich tradition and cultural heritage. It abounds in high moral values that have been handed to us by great saints and those which have been strengthened by patriotic leaders and scholars. The manifestations of these rich values and traditions into the human mind takes place through education. Inculation of such an education into the young minds of the children is the primary vision of our school.

The school had its humble beginnings in 1994, twenty year ago, the humble abode of Mrs. Janaki Amma, in whose everlasting memory, this educational institution blossomed. Today our school stands proud in the society for producing many doctors engineers and other service professionals.

From the desk of the Principal:

Our motto is to provide a playway(comprehensive) method of teaching, inculcating morals and values through various extra-curricular activities such as sloka classes. We strive to enable the children to seek knowledge and not to yield until such a goal is attained. In short the comprehensive development of each child is paramount and achieved in our school by providing quality and value based education, that lays the fundamental basis to further their career.

This school started out with _ student and has over the years proudly sent out almost_ future aspirants every year oozing with confidence and knowledge to achieve higher education.



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